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John Thomas Berger (October 22, 1922 – June 30, 2004) was an American film and television actor. He mostly appeared on western television shows including, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rawhide, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Trackdown, Laramie, Death Valley Days, Tales of Wells Fargo, Maverick, Zane Grey Theatre and The Rifleman.

Early life

Alcaide was born in Youngstown, Ohio. as John Thomas Berger. He was the son of George F. B. Berger and Frances Conroy. He moved to Hollywood in 1942 and worked as a bouncer at the Hollywood Palladium.

Alcaide served in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1946 during World War II. After the war, he returned to the Hollywood Palladium and joined the Ben Bard Players, in 1948.


In 1952, Alcaide sustained a serious chest injury in a car accident and this permanently slowed his performance.[citation needed] In 1958, he was the original choice of star as the lead role in Black Saddle, but studio executives thought he was too associated with badman roles and chose Peter Breck for the lead role. During filming pilot, Alcaide injured his back in a fall and again caused permanent damage.

From 1972 to 1985, Alcaide ran a photography studio named “Peri’s Pictures” in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Peri. It was relocated to Palm Springs, in 1980.[citation needed]


Alcaide died of cancer on June 30, 2004 at Palm Springs, California, at the age of 80.



Year Title Role Notes
1950 The Glass Menagerie Eddie uncredited
1952 Smoky Canyon Lars – Henchman uncredited
1952 Laramie Mountains Jeff – Henchman uncredited
1952 Cripple Creek Jeff uncredited
1952 Junction City Jarvis
1952 The Kid from Broken Gun Matt Fallon uncredited
1953 Man in the Dark Pursuing Detective uncredited
1953 The 49th Man Agent Manning uncredited
1953 Mission Over Korea Army Airplane Check Officer uncredited
1953 The Big Heat George Rose
1953 Bad for Each Other Pete Olzoneski
1954 It Should Happen to You Air Force Man at Ceremony uncredited
1954 Overland Pacific Jason
1954 Prince Valiant Knight uncredited
1954 Massacre Canyon Running Horse
1954 The Miami Story Robert Bishop
1954 The Outlaw Stallion Truxton uncredited
1954 The Black Dakotas Burke uncredited
1955 Jupiter’s Darling Cpl. Ballol uncredited
1955 Chicago Syndicate Nate – a Thug
1955 The Private War of Major Benson Truck Driver uncredited
1955 Apache Ambush Lt. Shaffin uncredited
1955 Duel on the Mississippi Anton
1955 Illegal Cop at Property Desk uncredited
1955 I Died a Thousand Times Sheriff’s Deputy uncredited
1956 The Benny Goodman Story Boatman uncredited
1956 The Houston Story Chris Barker
1956 Backlash Dick Lawrence uncredited
1956 Outside the Law Military Policeman uncredited
1956 The Rawhide Years Henchman uncredited
1956 Gunslinger Deputy Joshua Tate
1956 Miami Exposé Morrie Pell
1957 Rock All Night Angie
1957 Monkey on My Back Benjy – Drug Pusher uncredited
1957 Carnival Rock Slug
1958 The Power of the Resurrection Officer
1958 Day of the Badman Monte Hayes
1958 Joy Ride Stewart
1959 Vice Raid Eddie
1962 Kid Galahad Danzig Hood uncredited
1966 The Oscar Ledbetter
1982 Hammett Man in Boardroom
1987 Assassination Chief Justice


Year Title Role Notes
1953 I Led 3 Lives Norton 1 episode
1953-1957 The Ford Television Theatre George Timpkin/Luke/Johnny Parthos 4 episodes
1953-1954 The Adventures of Kit Carson 4 episodes
1954 Annie Oakley Paul Dodson/Henchman Vic/Duke Jaegar 3 episodes
1954 Cavalcade of America 1 episode
1954 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Indian 1 episode
1955-1961 Gunsmoke Barnes/Clem Maddow/Cowboy/Ned Curry/Mike 5 episodes
1955 Buffalo Bill, Jr. Henchman 1 episode
1955 Celebrity Playhouse 1 episode
1955-1957 Tales of the Texas Rangers Clint Hollister/Slade/Ben Thomas 3 episodes
1955 The Adventures of Champion Rustler/Keller 2 episodes
1955 Damon Runyon Theater Ziggy Malone 2 episodes
1956-1958 Zane Grey Theater Morgan – Gunman at Bar/Nate Evers/Vic Gruner/Henry C. ‘Clay’ Chulhane/Deputy Jason Merrick/Marshal Bly Newsome 6 episodes
1956 Matinee Theatre Norris 1 episode
1956-1962 Cheyenne Deputy Hack/Gary Thomas 2 episodes
1956-1958 Broken Arrow Brown Eagle/Johnny Brett 2 episodes
1957 Sugarfoot Clay Horton 1 episode
1957 Colt .45 Grimes 1 episode
1957 Maverick Tony Cadiz 1 episode
1957-1958 Trackdown Elijah Collins/Cass Desmond 2 episodes
1957 The Silent Service Shore Patrol Lieut./Stick 2 episodes
1957-1958 The Californians Larson/John Gordon 2 episodes
1957 Casey Jones Dan Durgin 1 episode
1958 The Sheriff of Cochise Earl Parker 1 episode
1958 The Magical World of Disney Henchman/Outlaw #3 2 episodes
1958-1960 Richard Diamond, Private Detective First Thug/Robert Knight 2 episodes
1958 The Court of Last Resort Enright 2 episodes
1958 Official Detective Al 1 episode
1958 State Trooper Joe Forrest/Bart 2 episodes
1958-1960 The Texan Townsman/Wade Clinton/Tubbs/Deputy Luke Smith 4 episodes
1958-1960 Tales of Wells Fargo Nate Holley/Notch Duggin/Win Partridge 3 episodes
1958 Panic! Joe 1 episode
1958-1959 Man Without a Gun Johnny Kansas 2 episodes
1958 U.S. Marshal Val/Marko Corbin 2 episodes
1959-1965 Death Valley Days Ben Higgins/Hugo Adley/Charlie Winslow/Murdock/Jules Reni/Hackett 6 episodes
1959 Frontier Doctor Ed Slater 1 episode
1959-1963 Have Gun – Will Travel Morgan – Mine Manager/Bill Whitney/Big Fontana/Brock March 4 episodes
1959-1962 Perry Mason Jerry Morrow/Gus Wiler 2 episodes
1959 Bronco Brutus Traxel 1 episode
1959-1963 Rawhide Gates/Pagan/Craddock/O’Toole 4 episodes
1959 Border Patrol Douglas 1 episode
1959-1961 Lawman Ben Moray/Lou Quade 2 episodes
1959 Black Saddle Bill Logan 1 episode
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive Bull Sherman/Cree Colter 2 episodes
1959-1962 The Rifleman Hamp Ferris/Panama Billings/Lon Berry/Spence Hadley/Schroeder/Benjamin Casper/Manny Carney/Dave Rankin/Ross 10 episodes
1959 Shotgun Slade Galt Peterson 1 episode
1959 This is the Life Eddie 1 episode
1959-1960 Law of the Plainsman Charlie Wolf/Dan/Conroy 3 episodes
1960 The Deputy Fred Tanner 1 episode
1960-1967 Bonanza Capt. James Bolton/Gus Hannah/Jim Blake 3 episodes
1960 Tate Parney 1 episode
1960 This Man Dawson Burt Hughes 1 episode
1960 The Roaring 20’s Nick Zorich 1 episode
1960-1962 Laramie Will Brent/Greg/Townsman Starting Fight/U.S. Marshal/Ben Yates 5 episodes
1960 Michael Shayne Gus Hartman 1 episode
1960 The Detectives Norris 1 episode
1960 Dante Nick Steele 1 episode
1961 Two Faces West Corey Willis 1 episode
1961 Klondike Greyson 1 episode
1961 Stagecoach West Reb/Hogart 2 episodes
1961 The Tall Man Joe Durango 1 episode
1961 87th Prencinct Sgt. Briggs 1 episode
1962 Shannon Jack O’ Hare 1 episode
1962 Frontier Circus Paul 1 episode
1963 The Dakotas Merrick 1 episode
1963-1965 The Virginian Cowhand/Howard Heller 2 episodes
1963 The Greatest Show on Earth Hodges 1 episode
1964-1966 Daniel Boone Flathead Joseph/Noah Pierce 2 episodes
1964 Destry Ace 1 episode
1964 The Outer Limits Colonel Hal Danvers 1 episode
1965 The Fugitive Lt. Horvath 1 episode
1965 A Man Called Shenandoah Frank Abbott 1 episode
1965-1966 Branded Karp – Henchman/John F. Parker 2 episodes
1966 Run for Your Life 1st Killer 1 episodes
1966-1968 The Big Valley Marshal Ralston/First Horse Thief/Glenn/Ryan 4 episodes
1967 T.H.E. Cat Bayo 1 episode
1967 Lassie Banning 1 episode
1967 Dragnet Richard Madden 1 episode
1967 Hondo Selby 1 episode
1968 Land of the Giants Sgt. Arnak 1 episode

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