Actor Maclyn Arbuckle

Maclyn Arbuckle[a] (July 9, 1866 – April 1, 1931) was an American screen and stage actor. He was the brother of actor Andrew Arbuckle and cousin of comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle.

Early life and career

Arbuckle was born in San Antonio, Texas on July 9, 1866, of Scottish descent. He began in theater in the 1890s, when he was in his 30s. His first Broadway play, Why Smith Left Home, was in 1899. Some of his many Broadway successes were The County Chairman (1903) (which he made as a silent film in 1914), The Round Up (1907) with Julia Dean (and which Roscoe Arbuckle made as a silent in 1920) and revivals of older plays like The Rivals and She Stoops To Conquer. He entered silent films with Adolph Zukor’s Famous Players Film Company in 1914 as an established Broadway star.

In May 1919, Arbuckle started the San Antonio Moving Pictures Corporation in his home town of San Antonio. A group of Dallas businessmen provided financial backing. The company produced four films, Mr. Bingle (1922), Mr. Potter of Texas (1922), Welcome to Our City (1922) and Squire Phin (1922) before folding in 1922.

In the 1920s Arbuckle appeared often with Marion Davies in lavish costume motion picture productions financed by William Randolph Hearst. Arbuckle is remembered for the line “Nobody loves a fat man,” when he played the character Sheriff “Slim” Hoover in the play The Roundup. His cousin Roscoe played the role in the subsequent film version.

Personal life

Arbuckle married Elizabeth Sheldon Carlisle on June 29, 1903 in Newton, Massachusetts. She was an actress, who, after her marriage, was billed as Mrs. Macklyn Arbuckle. The couple had no children.


Arbuckle died on April 1, 1931, in Waddington, New York, aged 64.


  • The County Chairman (1914) – The Honorable Jim Hackler
  • It’s No Laughing Matter (1915) – Hi Judd
  • The Reform Candidate (1915) – Art Hoke
  • National Red Cross Pageant (1917) – Baron Fitz-Walter – English episode
  • Fighting Mad (1919)
  • Squire Phin (1922) – Phineas Look, ‘Squire Phin’
  • Welcome to Our City (1922) – Jim Scott
  • The Prodigal Judge (1922) – Judge Slocum Price
  • Mr. Potter of Texas (1922) – Mr. Potter of Texas
  • The Young Diana (1922) – James P. May
  • Mr. Bingle (1922)
  • Broadway Broke (1923) – P.T. Barnum
  • Yolanda (1924) – Bishop La Balue
  • Janice Meredith (1924) – Squire Meredith
  • The Thoroughbred (1925) – Peter Bemis
  • That Old Gang of Mine (1925) – Sen. Jim Walton
  • The Lure of the Track (1925)
  • The Gilded Highway (1926) – Jonathan Welby
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