Actor Charles A. Bachman

Charles A. Bachman (July 12, 1882 – May 14, 1966), born Chester Arthur Bachman, was an American film comedy actor. He appeared in 29 films between 1923 and 1940 for the Hal Roach Studio, primarily in Our Gang shorts and Laurel and Hardy comedies.


Year Title Role Notes
1923 A Pleasant Journey Police Sergeant Short
1923 No Noise Officer Short
1923 Derby Day Trumpeter Short
1924 High Society Police detective Short
1924 The Mysterious Mystery! Det. Jinks (mistaken ‘suspeck’) Short
1925 Boys Will Be Joys Jim, the surveyor Short
1925 Mary, Queen of Tots Officer Short
1926 Monkey Business Officer Short
1926 The Fourth Alarm Officer Short
1927 Tired Business Men Officer O’Farrell Short
1927 The Glorious Fourth Officer Short
1927 Heebee Jeebees Officer Short
1927 Do Detectives Think? Officer Short, Uncredited
1927 Putting Pants on Philip Officer Short
1927 Dog Heaven Officer Short
1927 The Second Hundred Years Short
1928 The Circus Cop Uncredited
1928 Spook Spoofing Officer Short
1928 Crazy House Officer Short
1928 Old Gray Hoss Officer Mulligan Short
1928 Habeas Corpus 2nd Policeman Short, Uncredited
1929 Fancy Baggage
1929 Modern Love Policeman in the rain Uncredited
1931 Pardon Us Insurgent Convict Uncredited
1931 The Mad Genius Poster Hanger Uncredited
1932 Pack Up Your Troubles Policeman Uncredited
1934 Girl in Danger Night Watchman Uncredited
1935 The Whole Town’s Talking Policeman Uncredited
1935 Men of the Hour Policeman Uncredited
1936 Our Relations Police Officer Uncredited
1937 Pick a Star Studio Guard Uncredited
1939 They All Come Out Guard Uncredited
1940 Saps at Sea Officer Uncredited, (final film role)

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