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David Bauer (born Herman Bernard Waldman, 6 March 1917 – 8 February 1973) was an American actor, a Chicagoan, who was based primarily in Britain.

Early life

He was chosen as the most promising actor at Washington University and his professional career began immediately after graduating. Plays in which he appeared included A Sound of Hunting, The Inspector General, Volpone, The Iceman Cometh and Children of Darkness. He appeared as Doc in the London stage production of West Side Story at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Though born in the United States, he left his native country due to McCarthyism[citation needed] and settled in Britain.


He appeared in The Baron, The Champions (where he provided opening narration for each episode), The Avengers, Department S, Gideon’s Way, Jason King, The Prisoner, The Protectors, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), The Saint, Strange Report, and Undermind.

He appeared in films such as Patton, Inspector Clouseau, Diamonds Are Forever, You Only Live Twice, and The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.

In light of his reasons for leaving the United States for Britain, “Living in Harmony”, the episode of The Prisoner in which he appeared as The Judge/Number Two, was banned in the series’ original run on American television, supposedly due to drug use but more likely because of the political commentary on the Vietnam War that could be read into the episode.[citation needed]

Personal life

Bauer was married to British actress Stella Tanner until his death in 1973.

Credits confusion

Bauer worked in Hollywood under the name David Wolfe until being blacklisted. As a result, the Internet Movie Database and other online sources confuse many of his film credits with fictional actor David Wolfe.


Year Title Role Notes
1948 The Vicious Circle Lieber as Herman Waldman
1949 The Undercover Man Stanley Weinburg as David Wolfe
1949 House of Strangers Prosecutor Uncredited
1949 Slattery’s Hurricane Dr. Ross Uncredited
1949 Flaming Fury Tony Polacheck as David Wolfe
1949 Sword in the Desert Gershon as David Wolfe
1949 Tokyo Joe Photo Sergeant Uncredited
1949 A Dangerous Profession Matthew Dawson as David Wolfe
1949 Bagdad Mahmud as David Wolfe
1950 Prisoners in Petticoats Sam Clark as David Wolfe
1950 Side Street Smitty Uncredited
1950 Appointment with Danger David Goodman as David Wolfe
1950 Where the Sidewalk Ends Sid Kramer, Scalise Hood Uncredited
1951 I Can Get It for You Wholesale Speaker on Dais Uncredited
1951 Smuggler’s Island Lorca as David Wolfe
1951 The Mark of the Renegade Landlord as Dave Wolfe
1951 Kansas Raiders Rudolph Tate as Dave Wolfe
1951 The Scarf Level Louie as David Wolfe
1951 The Guest (Short) Martin Androvitch as David Wolfe
1952 5 Fingers Da Costa Uncredited
1952 The Cimarron Kid Sam Swanson as David Wolfe
1952 The Iron Mistress James Black Uncredited
1952 Wait ‘Til the Sun Shines, Nellie Sam Eichenbogen Uncredited
1952 Bloodhounds of Broadway Counsel Uncredited
1954 Salt of the Earth Barton as David Wolfe
1962 Flat Two Emil louba
1963 Live It Up! Mark Watson
1964 Man in the Middle Colonel Mayburt
1964 Walk a Tightrope Ed
1965 The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Young Judge Uncredited
1967 The Double Man Andrew Miller
1967 You Only Live Twice American Diplomat Uncredited
1967 Danger Route Bennett
1967 Torture Garden Mike Charles (segment 2 “Terror Over Hollywood”)
1968 Dark of the Sun Adams (UK title: The Mercenaries)
1968 Inspector Clouseau Police Chief Geffrion
1969 Crooks and Coronets Jack
1969 The Royal Hunt of the Sun Villac Umu
1970 Patton Lieutenant General Harry Buford
1971 Fun and Games Gribney
1971 Diamonds Are Forever Morton Slumber
1972 Embassy Kadish
1972 Endless Night Uncle Frank
1974 Road Movie Harry (final film role)

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