Actor John Brent

John Brent (Madison, Connecticut, 14 March 1938 – 16 August 1985 in Los Angeles) was an American actor, comedian and beat poet.

He was part of the Second City comedy club, and then later The Committee. He is mainly known for being half the duo behind the 1959 How To Speak Hip comedy album with Del Close. Otherwise he recorded and published little, since he died at a relatively young age. He also appeared as an actor in such films as Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Catch-22, Steelyard Blues, and American Graffiti.

John Brent is survived by his son, Jeremy Paz, who resides in San Francisco, CA.


1980 Porklips Now Head Butcher Notes
1963 Greenwich Village Story Poet
1969 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Dave
1970 Catch-22 Cathcart’s Receptionist
1972 The Candidate
1973 Steelyard Blues Tattoo Parlor Man
1973 American Graffiti Car Salesman
1979 More American Graffiti Ralph
1980 First Family U. N. Official #2

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