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Moyer MacClaren Bupp (January 10, 1928 – November 1, 2007) professionally known as Sonny Bupp, was an American child film actor and businessman. His most notable film was Citizen Kane (1941), in which he appears as Junior, Charles Foster Kane III, the eight-year-old son of Charles Foster Kane and his first wife, Emily. Bupp was the last surviving credited member of the Citizen Kane cast at his death.


Born Moyer MacClaren Bupp in New York City, Sonny Bupp was the brother of actors Tommy (1924–1983), June (1913–1989) and Ann Bupp (1922-2005). He appeared in over 60 films during his career, including two Our Gang comedies, 1935’s Our Gang Follies of 1936 and 1938’s Men in Fright.

He appeared in Citizen Kane as the son of Charles Foster Kane, and was the last surviving credited cast member of that film. He also appeared in the 1937 Three Stooges’ Cash and Carry, as well as such films as Love Is on the Air (Ronald Reagan’s first film), The Renegade Trail, Annie Oakley (with Barbara Stanwyck), Kid Millions, Angels With Dirty Faces, The Devil and Daniel Webster and Tennessee Johnson.

He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and, after his film career ended, became an auto industry executive. He died in Henderson, Nevada, aged 79, from an undisclosed cause.


Year Title Role Notes
1934 Kid Millions Little Boy in Ice Cream Number Film debut, Uncredited
1935 It Happened in New York Child Uncredited
1935 Annie Oakley Boy at Shooting Gallery Uncredited
1936 Man Hunt Young Boy Uncredited
1936 Song and Dance Man Boy Uncredited
1936 Hearts in Bondage Boy Uncredited
1936 And Sudden Death School Boy Uncredited
1936 San Francisco Choirboy Uncredited
1936 Star for a Night Fritz Uncredited
1936 Rose Bowl Young Boy Uncredited
1936 What Becomes of the Children? Little Freddy Worthington
1937 We Who Are About to Die Hit-and-Run Victim Uncredited
1937 Woman-Wise Boy Uncredited
1937 The Great O’Malley Boy with Lollipop Uncredited
1937 Lost Horizon Boy Being Carried to Plane Uncredited
1937 Murder Goes to College Boy Uncredited
1937 You Can’t Buy Luck Orphan Boy Uncredited
1937 Michael O’Halloran Sarge Uncredited
1937 Reported Missing Little Boy on Plane Uncredited
1937 My Dear Miss Aldrich Little boy Uncredited
1937 Love Is on the Air Little boy Uncredited
1937 Love on Toast Boy Uncredited
1937 Missing Witnesses Little boy Uncredited
1937 Hollywood Hotel Little boy Uncredited
1938 Swing Your Lady Len
1938 Hunted Men Boy Uncredited
1938 Penrod’s Double Trouble Monk Uncredited
1938 The Storm Boy Uncredited
1938 Angels with Dirty Faces Boy
1939 Risky Business Boy Uncredited
1939 Boy Trouble Chester Platt
1939 Sudden Money Billy Uncredited
1939 Fixer Dugan The Boy Chiseler Uncredited
1939 On Borrowed Time Boy in Tree Uncredited
1939 Renegade Trail Joey Joyce
1939 When Tomorrow Comes Boy Hiding from Policeman Uncredited
1939 No Place to Go Tommy
1940 Emergency Squad Peter Uncredited
1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois Willie Lincoln Uncredited
1940 Parole Fixer Bobby Mattison
1940 I Take This Woman Murphy Kid Scenes cut
1940 Little Orvie Freddie Jackson Uncredited
1940 Half a Sinner Willy
1940 Queen of the Mob Newsboy
1940 Three Faces West Billy Welles
1940 Diamond Frontier Karl Bloem Uncredited
1940 Slightly Tempted Sonny Uncredited
1940 She Couldn’t Say No Boy with News of Pansy Uncredited
1941 Father’s Son Berries Sweeney Uncredited
1941 Citizen Kane Charles Foster Kane III
1941 Sergeant York Boy in Sunday School Uncredited
1941 Bad Men of Missouri Young Grat Uncredited
1941 International Squadron Boy Uncredited
1941 One Foot in Heaven Boy Uncredited
1941 The Devil and Daniel Webster Martin Van Aldrich Uncredited
1941 West of Cimarron Young Boy Uncredited
1942 Code of the Outlaw Work Farm Kid Uncredited
1942 Syncopation Newsboy Uncredited
1942 Wings for the Eagle Kid Playing Football Uncredited
1942 The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe Graham’s Office Boy Uncredited
1942 Eyes of the Underworld Boy Uncredited
1942 Tennessee Johnson Bellboy Uncredited; final film role

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