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Jack Carter (c. 1902 – November 9, 1967) was an American actor. He is known for creating the role of Crown in the original Broadway production of Porgy (1927), and for starring in Orson Welles’s stage productions including Macbeth (1936) and Doctor Faustus (1937). He appeared in a few motion pictures in the 1930s and 1940s.


Jack Carter created the role of Crown in the original stage production of Porgy.:189 | From 1928 to 1929 Carter portrayed Crown in a national tour production of Porgy. The tour included nine weeks in Chicago, six weeks in London, and performances in Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Washington, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and cities in the northwestern United States and Canada From September 16 to October 24 in 1931 Carter portrayed the role of Dave Crocker in Singin’ the Blues at the Liberty Theatre in New York. During 1934 Carter performance in a New York production of Stevedore as Lonnie Thompson at the Civic Repertory Theatre. He started the role in April through July, and resumed his role in October through November of 1934.

He is perhaps best known for having starred in the Federal Theatre Project’s 1936 New York production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth that came to be known as the Voodoo Macbeth. Orson Welles adapted and directed the play, moved its setting from Scotland to a fictional Caribbean island, recruited an entirely African American cast, and earned the nickname for his production from the Haitian vodou that fulfilled the rôle of Scottish witchcraft.:86 In 1936, at the Lafayette Theatre in Harlem, New York, a free preview drew 3,000 more people than can be seated:198 The show reportedly was sold out for all ten weeks.:203:333 During its run at the Adelphi Theatre on Broadway, Carter completed only Act I of the July 15 performance, which was then completed by understudy Thomas Anderson Beginning July 16, Maurice Ellis stars as Macbeth in the remainder of the run at the Adelphi Theatre and on the subsequent national tour

Welles later cast Carter as Mephistopheles in Doctor Faustus (1937), a Federal Theatre Project 891 production in which Welles played Faust.:335–336

  • Jack Carter as Crown in Porgy (1927–30)
  • Jack Carter as Crown in Porgy (1927–30)

  • Jack Carter in Voodoo Macbeth (1936)
  • Jack Carter in Voodoo Macbeth (1936)

  • Jack Carter and Edna Thomas in Voodoo Macbeth
  • Jack Carter and Edna Thomas in Voodoo Macbeth

  • Jack Carter in Voodoo Macbeth (1936)
  • Jack Carter in Voodoo Macbeth (1936)



    Year Title Role Venue Ref
    1927 Goat Alley Policeman Princess Theatre, Broadway
    1927-28 Porgy Crown Guild Theatre, Broadway
    1928–29 US National tour
    1929 Martin Beck Theatre, Broadway
    1929-30 2nd National tour
    1931 Singin’ the Blues Dave Crocker Liberty Theatre, New York
    1934 Stevedore Lonnie Thompson Civic Repertory Theatre, New York
    1936 Voodoo Macbeth Macbeth Lafayette Theatre, Harlem, New York
    1936 Lafayette Theatre, Harlem, New York :333
    1936 Adelphi Theatre on Broadway :333
    1937 Doctor Faustus Mephistopheles Maxine Elliott Theatre, New York :335–336


    Year Title Role Notes
    1934 Charlie Chan’s Courage Victor Jordan
    1939 The Devil’s Daughter Philip Ramsay
    1939 Straight to Heaven Stanley Jackson
    1942 Take My Life Sergeant Holmes
    1945 Confidential Agent Singer Uncredited
    1947 Sepia Cinderella Ralph Williams
    1948 Miracle in Harlem Philip Manley (final film role)

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