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Leslie Merle Carlson (February 24, 1933 – May 3, 2014) was an American Canadian film and television character actor who acted on stage in Canada, the U.S. and England. His films include the horror films Deranged and Black Christmas, and his television credits include The Twilight Zone and The X-Files. His stage name was frequently billed as Les Carlson.

Early life

Born in the small South Dakota city of Mitchell, Carlson earned both a BFA and an MA from the University of South Dakota, which he attended in the 1950s and began his acting career performing in several stage plays in both the U.S and England.


His performances include A Walk in the Woods in 1991 at the Gateway Theatre and Glengarry Glen Ross, Jekyll & Hyde (musical), Hamlet, Joggers, All My Sons, and Death and the Maiden. He immigrated to Canada in the late 1960s and began acting in many films and TV shows in the early ’70s. His most memorable film roles were in the horror classic Black Christmas and Deranged, both in 1974, and as a pushy Christmas tree salesman in A Christmas Story in 1983. Carlson appeared in four movies from director David Cronenberg, including Videodrome and The Dead Zone. His TV appearances include The X-Files, Friday the 13th: The Series, 21 Jump Street and Road to Avonlea.

Personal life

Carlson was married to actress Patricia Hamilton, and they had one child together, actor Ben Carlson. He had another son, Edmund Carlson, with his second wife, Joan Warren, in 1988. He died of cancer in Toronto, Ontario.


Year Title Role Notes
1972 Norman Corwin Presents 1 episode – Letters from an Only Child
1973 The Neptune Factor Brigs, Triton Radioman other title – The Neptune Disaster
The Hard Part Begins Mechanic (credited as Les Carlson)
1974 Deedee Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
Deranged Tom Sims other title – Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile
Black Christmas Bill other titles – Silent Night, Evil Night,
Stranger in the House
1975 King of Kensington 1 episode – Where’s Cathy?
1976 Shoot Jim (credited as Les Carlson)
1977 I Wasn’t Scared Master Warrant Officer George Lewinsky (credited as Les Carlson)
Raku Fire (credited as Les Carlson)
Love at First Sight Stu (credited as Les Carlson)
Deadly Harvest The Minister (credited as Les Carlson)
Custard Pie Aldo Ludwit (credited as Les Carlson) (unknown episodes)
Who Has Seen the Wind Joe Pivotte (credited as Les Carlson)
The New Avengers Douglas Collings 1 episode – Emily
1978 High-Ballin’ Bud (credited as Les Carlson)
1979 Lost and Found Jean-Paul
1980 Circle of Two Doctor at the Hospital (credited as Les Carlson)
Nothing Personal Marshal #2
1981 Mr. Patman Mr. Abernathy other title – Crossover (credited as Les Carlson)
Improper Channels (credited as Les Carlson)
Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper Laingen Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
1982 Shocktrauma Elton Bates Television Film (credited as Les Carlson)
1983 The Littlest Hobo 2 episodes – Forget Me Not, Trucker (1982–1983)
Videodrome Barry Convex (credited as Les Carlson)
The Dead Zone Brenner (credited as Les Carlson)
A Christmas Story Tree Man (credited as Les Carlson)
1984 That’s My Baby Max (credited as Les Carlson)
1985 Night Heat Harder 1 episode – Ancient Madness
1986 The Fly Dr. Brent Cheevers
The Laurenceville Stories Conover TV mini-series
Unnatural Causes Bob Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
1987 American Playhouse Conover 1 episode – The Prodigious Hickey
Smart Street Marty (credited as Les Carlson)
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel Mr. Marty Charles Lawson Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
Rolling Vengeance Misty’s Father (credited as Les Carlson)
1988 War of the Worlds Detective #1 1 episode – The Walls of Jericho
The Twilight Zone Jim Hilsen 1 episode – The Hunters (credited as Les Carlson)
1989 Looking for Miracles Principal Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
Sing Suit (credited as Les Carlson)
Friday the 13th: The Series Arkwright 1 episode – The Prisoner
Street Legal Squire/Michael 2 episodes – Romeo and Carol, See No Evil (1987–1989)
1990 Scales of Justice Larry Proke 1 episode – Regina vs Horvath (credited as Les Carlson)
Mom P.I. 1 episode – Looking for a Living
Neon Rider Brent Paxton 1 episode – All’s Fair
MacGyver Sparky
2 episodes – Ma Dalton, Passages (credited as Les Carlson)
21 Jump Street Professor Gray 1 episode – Diplomats for Sale
Chaindance Willy other title – Common Bonds
1991 Road to Avonlea Mr Lawson 7 episodes – The Story Girl Earns Her Name, The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham’s, The Materializing of Duncan McTavish, Aunt Abigail’s Beau, Malcolm and the Baby, Sara’s Homecoming, Dreamer of Dreams (1990–1991) (credited as Les Carlson)
The Girl from Mars Mr. Sharbut Television film
K2 Dexter
1992 Impolite Billy
Highlander: The Series Sam Thompson 2 episodes – Free Fall, Deadly Medicine
To Grandmother’s House We Go Doorman Television film
Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster Theo Polasek Television film
1993 Morning Glory Howard Pride Television film
A Stranger in the Mirror Harry Durkin Television film
No Child of Mine Television film
1994 The X-Files Dr. Spitz
Dr. Troisky
2 episodes – “Born Again”, “Little Green Men”
1995 Young Again Mr. Dillon (credited as Les Carlson)
The Song Spinner Lorie Television film
1996 Moonshine Highway Pappy Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
Side Effects Dr. Herschel Eisen 1 episode – You Can Run
Beyond the Call Dan Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
1997 Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Dr. Dale Hoff 1 episode – Donor
1999 The Wishing Tree Professor
2000 Camera The Actor Short film
Silver Man Mule
The Spreading Ground Magyar (credited as Les Carlson)
Catch a Falling Star Man at Station Television film
The Harlan County War Udell Television film
The Last Debate Pat Tubbs Television film
2001 Haven Old Man TV mini-series
Bailey’s Mistake Stableman Television film
Short6 The Actor
Stolen Miracle Mr. Neelandson Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
2002 Odyssey 5 Ruckner 1 episode – Astronaut Dreams
Tribulation Force Witness Eli other title – Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (credited as Les Carlson)
2003 The Berenstain Bears Gramps 1 episode – Trouble with Grown-ups/Too Much TV (credited as Lesley Carlson)
2004 Anonymous Rex Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
Snow Chester Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
2005 Looking for Angelina Justice Britton (credited as Les Carlson)
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Mr. Weaver 1 episode – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Plague City: SARS in Toronto Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
2007 Your Beautiful Cul de Sac Home Harry Peale
2010 At Risk George Finlay Television film (credited as Les Carlson)
Haven Vaughn Carpenter 1 episode – “As You Were”

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