Actor Philip Coolidge

Philip Coolidge (August 5, 1908 – May 23, 1967) was an American film and stage actor.

Career as actor

Born August 5, 1908, in Concord, Massachusetts, he made his first film, Boomerang, in 1947. In later films, he had roles as a self-protective small-town mayor in Inherit the Wind (1960), as Dr. Cross in North by Northwest (1959), and as Wilbur Peterson in It Happened to Jane (1959). Rarely a leading character, he played Throckmorton, the shopkeeper in the Twilight Zone 1962 episode “A Piano in the House” and also he played William Windom’s assistant, Mr. Cooper, in the first season of the 1960s TV series The Farmer’s Daughter.


Coolidge died of lung cancer at the age of 58 on May 23, 1967, in Los Angeles, California.


Year Title Role Notes
1947 Boomerang Jim Crossman Uncredited
1956 The Sharkfighters Lt. Cmdr. Leonard Evans
1957 Slander Homer Crowley
1958 I Want to Live! Emmett Perkins
1959 The Mating Game Rev. Osgood
1959 It Happened to Jane Wilbur Peterson
1959 North by Northwest Dr. Cross
1959 The Tingler Oliver ‘Ollie’ Higgins
1960 The Bramble Bush Colin Eustis
1960 Because They’re Young Mr. Rimer
1960 Inherit the Wind Mayor Jason Carter
1962 Bon Voyage! Passport clerk Uncredited
1964 Hamlet Voltimand
1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told Chuza
1965 The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming Mr. Porter
1968 Never a Dull Moment Fingers Felton (final film role)

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