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Dan Daly (1864 – March 26, 1904) was an American actor known as the “eccentric comedian”. He was born in 1864 in Revere, Massachusetts as the youngest son. His siblings were Thomas Daly, William Daly, Lucy Daly, Maggie Daly, and Robert Daly.

In 1896 he appeared in ‘’The Lady Slavey’’ in New York.

He contracted tuberculosis. He married Mary Mooney of Boston, and they had a son, Dan Daly. Mary died around March 20, 1904. He died on March 26, 1904 from a pulmonary hemorrhage at the Hotel Veldome in Manhattan.

According to fellow comedian Eddie Foy Sr., Daly subsisted on a diet of snails and champagne for the last two years of his life:

One of the millions of mysterious happenings in the history of human psychology is that strange mental twist which seized upon Dan not so long after this and caused him to subsist during the last two years of his life entirely on snails. This was common gossip at the time, and George Rector, who furnished the snails, has since confirmed it. Dan ate nothing at all during the day, but after the show, along towards midnight, he would go up to Rector’s and absorb about a quart of snails and a quart of champagne. How he lived as long as he did on such a diet I can’t imagine.

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