Actor Frank Darien

Frank Darien (March 18, 1876 – October 20, 1955) was an American actor. He appeared in 225 films and between 1915 and 1951.


Year Title Role Notes
1915 Ethel’s Romance Minor Role Film debut
1926 Old Ironsides Seaman Uncredited
1931 Cimarron Mr. Bixby Uncredited
1931 June Moon Window Cleaner
1931 The She-Wolf Remington’s Associate Uncredited
1931 Everything’s Rosie Sam Hall Uncredited
1931 Big Business Girl Luke Winters
1931 I Take This Woman Station Agent
1931 The Public Defender The Waiter Uncredited
1931 Bad Girl Lathrop Uncredited
1931 Five Star Final Schwartz – Undertaker Uncredited
1931 The Tip-Off Edna’s Uncle Uncredited
1931 Way Back Home Station Master Uncredited
1931 Her Majesty, Love Factory Clerk Uncredited
1931 Peach-O-Reno Counselor Jackson #3 Uncredited
1931 The Big Shot Herb, the Postmaster Uncredited
1932 Union Depot Doctor / Little Boy’s Father Uncredited
1932 High Pressure Oscar Brown – Realty Agent Uncredited
1932 Business and Pleasure American Tourist Uncredited
1932 Are You Listening? Desk Clerk Uncredited
1932 The Miracle Man Hiram Higgins
1932 The Rider of Death Valley Elmer – Assayer Uncredited
1932 Sinners in the Sun Garage Mechanic Uncredited
1932 Lady and Gent Jim
1932 The Night Club Lady Dr. Magnus Uncredited
1932 Life Begins Harry Uncredited
1932 Okay, America! O’Toole Uncredited
1932 Prosperity Erza Higgins
1933 The Billion Dollar Scandal Typesetter Uncredited
1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum Autopsy Surgeon Uncredited
1933 Hello, Everybody! Henry Thompson
1933 Grand Slam Bridge Match Kibitzer Uncredited
1933 Song of the Eagle Mailman Uncredited
1933 The Story of Temple Drake Gas Station Manager Uncredited
1933 Lilly Turner Hotel Porter Uncredited
1933 Professional Sweetheart Winston Appleby
1933 Heroes for Sale Announcer at Roger’s Reception Uncredited
1933 Baby Face Paris Bank Agent Uncredited
1933 No Marriage Ties Deane Co. Chemist Uncredited
1933 This Day and Age Stolen Car Owner
1933 Bureau of Missing Persons Man Identifying Daughter’s Photo Uncredited
1933 Big Executive Richardson’ Secretary
1933 Female Ed – the Comptroller Uncredited
1933 From Headquarters Lawyer Manley Uncredited
1933 Jimmy and Sally Marlowe Associate Uncredited
1933 The House on 56th Street Justice of the Peace Uncredited
1934 Fashions of 1934 Jules
1934 Journal of a Crime Stage Manager
1934 Sing and Like It Mr. Fripp – Pianist Uncredited
1934 Smarty Court Spectator Uncredited
1934 Let’s Try Again David – Jack’s Tailor Uncredited
1934 His Greatest Gamble Dinner Guest Uncredited
1934 Service With a Smile Customer early Technicolor short
1934 Dames First Druggist Uncredited
1934 Marie Galante Ellsworth
1934 The Firebird Franz – the Pointers’ Butler Uncredited
1934 Men of the Night Mr. Webbley Uncredited
1934 Anne of Green Gables Angus – Station Master Uncredited
1934 The Gay Bride Mr. Bartlett Uncredited
1934 The Secret Bride Justice of the Peace Uncredited
1935 Behind the Evidence Herbert
1935 The Little Colonel Nebler
1935 The Perfect Clue Stationmaster
1935 Life Begins at 40 Abercrombie’s Friend Uncredited
1935 Public Hero No. 1 Dr. Hale – Plastic Surgeon Uncredited
1935 Mad Love Lavin – Waxworks Proprietor Uncredited
1935 Here Comes the Band Pawnbroker Uncredited
1935 Here Comes Cookie Clyde
1935 Charlie Chan in Shanghai Bespectacled Tourist in Versailles Cafe Uncredited
1935 Dr. Socrates Sam – a Druggist Uncredited
1935 Thanks a Million Politician Uncredited
1936 Riffraff Smoky – Night Watchman Uncredited
1936 The Story of Louis Pasteur Academy Member Uncredited
1936 The Walking Dead Cemetery Caretaker Uncredited
1936 Sutter’s Gold Missouri Trader Uncredited
1936 Brides Are Like That Clem Brown
1936 The Moon’s Our Home Night Clerk Uncredited
1936 Captain January Ira J. Slocum – Storekeeper Uncredited
1936 Trouble for Two Ambassador’s Aide Uncredited
1936 Early to Bed Pop – a Clerk Uncredited
1936 Parole! Patton’s Assistant Uncredited
1936 Satan Met a Lady Hotel Clerk Uncredited
1936 Undercover Man Dizzy Slocum
1936 Wedding Present Cashier Uncredited
1936 Polo Joe Baggage Man Uncredited
1936 Easy to Take Drug Store Clerk Uncredited
1936 Pennies from Heaven Chicken Farmer Uncredited
1937 On the Avenue Frank – Stage Doorman Uncredited
1937 Time Out for Romance Telegraph Operator Uncredited
1937 Fair Warning Hotel Doctor Uncredited
1937 23 1/2 Hours’ Leave Elevator Operator Uncredited
1937 Jim Hanvey, Detective Pete
1937 The Good Old Soak Jasper Uncredited
1937 Wake Up and Live Hay Wagon Driver Uncredited
1937 The Toast of New York Member of the Board of Directors Uncredited
1937 The Life of Emile Zola Albert Uncredited
1937 That Certain Woman Night Porter Uncredited
1937 Trapped by G-Men Dad Higbee
1937 Wine, Women and Horses Mr. Schultz Uncredited
1937 Big Town Girl Farmer Uncredited
1938 The Old Barn Dance Dawson Uncredited
1938 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Storekeeper Uncredited
1938 Born to Be Wild Farmer Uncredited
1938 Cassidy of Bar 20 Pappy
1938 Jezebel Bookkeeper Uncredited
1938 Prison Break Cappy
1938 Love Finds Andy Hardy Bill Collector
1938 Valley of the Giants Doctor Uncredited
1938 Western Jamboree Dad Haskell
1938 Up the River Mr. White Uncredited
1939 Stand Up and Fight Mr. Daniels, Cumberland Hotel Uncredited
1939 Long Shot Zeb Jenkins
1939 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Old Jailer Uncredited
1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up Freddie Uncredited
1939 Panama Patrol Sam, the Watchman
1939 Dark Victory Anxious Little Man Uncredited
1939 Unexpected Father Justice of the Peace Uncredited
1939 Maisie Pops Uncredited
1939 Career Cap Uncredited
1939 When Tomorrow Comes Boathouse Caretaker Uncredited
1939 Blackmail Ramey’s Oil-Well Watchman Uncredited
1939 Babes in Arms Mr. Parks – Druggist Uncredited
1939 Here I Am a Stranger Western Union Messenger Uncredited
1939 Sabotage Smitty
1939 At the Circus Telegrapher Uncredited
1939 Two Thoroughbreds Mr. Beal – the Mailman
1940 The Grapes of Wrath Uncle John
1940 Viva Cisco Kid Express Agent Uncredited
1940 Lillian Russell Coachman
1940 The Way of All Flesh Second Director Uncredited
1940 Anne of Windy Poplars Uncredited
1940 Pier 13 Hard of Hearing Driver Uncredited
1940 Arizona Joe
1940 Blame It on Love Pop
1941 Arkansas Judge Henry Marsden
1941 Adam Had Four Sons Horace Uncredited
1941 Sis Hopkins Jud
1941 Out of the Fog Joe, Newspaper Vendor Uncredited
1941 Puddin’ Head Rube Uncredited
1941 Blossoms in the Dust Jones, Gladney’s Accountant Uncredited
1941 Hurricane Smith ‘Pop’ Wessell
1941 Wide Open Town Pop Uncredited
1941 Under Fiesta Stars Benjamin Peabody
1941 Flying Blind Justice Uncredited
1941 Lady Be Good Justice of the Peace Uncredited
1941 King of the Texas Rangers Pop Evans Serial, (Chs 1, 8)
1941 Appointment for Love Station Agent Uncredited
1941 Unholy Partners Elevator Uncredited
1941 Bedtime Story Minor Role Uncredited
1941 Hellzapoppin’ Man calling for Mrs. Jones
1942 Roxie Hart Michael Finnegan Uncredited
1942 The Panther’s Claw Samuel Wilkins
1942 Meet the Stewarts Henry – Club Waiter Uncredited
1942 Syncopation Court Bailiff Uncredited
1942 Jackass Mail Postmaster Uncredited
1942 The Gay Sisters Frederick Clausson Simmons Uncredited
1942 Tales of Manhattan Elsa’s Old Father (Laughton sequence), Uncredited
1942 Get Hep to Love Constable Uncredited
1942 The Mummy’s Tomb Old Townsman Uncredited
1942 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Civil War Veteran Uncredited
1943 Hello, Frisco, Hello Missionary
1943 Nobody’s Darling Gardener Uncredited
1943 Johnny Come Lately Vagrant Uncredited
1943 The Gang’s All Here Stage Doorman Uncredited
1944 None Shall Escape Old Man Uncredited
1944 Rationing Joady Peckham Uncredited
1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain Toy Store Proprietor Uncredited
1944 Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble Joe’s Place Watchman Uncredited
1944 Home in Indiana Man Seated Right of Ed in Bar Uncredited
1944 Tall in the Saddle Train Station Master Uncredited
1944 Bowery to Broadway Hot Dog Vendor Uncredited
1944 Bluebeard Inquiry Judge Uncredited
1944 Nothing but Trouble Old Man Uncredited
1944 Music for Millions Old Western Union Messenger Uncredited
1944 Can’t Help Singing Elderly Wagon Owner Uncredited
1944 Gentle Annie Jake
1945 Roughly Speaking Timekeeper Uncredited
1945 The Clock Customer Uncredited
1945 Counter-Attack Partisan Uncredited
1945 Tarzan and the Amazons Dinghy Skipper Uncredited
1945 The Great John L. Sullivan-Corbett Fight Spectator Uncredited
1945 Anchors Aweigh Hollywood Bowl Janitor Uncredited
1945 Kiss and Tell Elmer K. Waldo Uncredited
1946 My Reputation Elevator Operator Uncredited
1946 Claudia and David Charlie Uncredited
1946 Partners in Time Townsman Uncredited
1946 A Stolen Life Elevator Operator Uncredited
1946 Bad Bascomb Elder Moab McCabe
1946 Smoky Junk Yard Owner Uncredited
1946 Gallant Journey Doctor Uncredited
1946 The Fabulous Suzanne Mr. Tuttle
1946 The Secret Heart Mr. Wiggins Uncredited
1947 Beat the Band Mr. Davis Uncredited
1947 The Sea of Grass Minister Uncredited
1947 A Likely Story Messenger Uncredited
1947 That’s My Man Old Hotel Clerk Uncredited
1947 The Woman on the Beach Lars
1947 The Trouble with Women Tony, Elevator Operator Uncredited
1947 Down to Earth Janitor Uncredited
1947 Magic Town Quincy
1947 Merton of the Movies Mr. Hubank Uncredited
1947 High Wall Old Patient in Tub Uncredited
1948 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Judge Quarles Uncredited
1948 You Gotta Stay Happy Old Man Uncredited
1948 Belle Starr’s Daughter Old Man
1948 An Act of Murder Old Man Outside Courthouse Uncredited
1949 The Accused Jerry Uncredited
1949 Alias Nick Beal Assistant Tailor Uncredited
1949 Little Women Old Crony at Grace’s Store Uncredited
1949 Dear Wife Bailiff Uncredited
1950 The Flying Saucer Matt Mitchell
1950 The Yellow Cab Man Irate Old Man Cab Passenger Uncredited
1950 Please Believe Me Pete Drago Uncredited
1950 Shadow on the Wall Law Librarian Uncredited
1951 The Whip Hand Luther Adams

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