Actor Frederic De Belleville

Frederic De Belleville (February 17, 1855 Liège – February 25, 1923, New York City) was a Belgian-born American stage actor.

He began his career in 1873 in London and arrived in the United States in 1880. An early newspaper account records him as starring in a play False Friend for A. M. Palmer. He was long a leading man on the stage to Clara Morris, Rose Coghlan, Mrs. Fiske and Viola Allen. De Belleville appeared in three silent films.

De Belleville was apparently married and divorced several times.[citation needed] An early wife Maude Stuart died in childbirth in 1886. Their newborn son also called Frederic De Belleville did not survive infancy and died a baby. He is buried beside Stuart.

Selected plays

  • Hoodman Blind (1887) (w/ Viola Allen)
  • Honour (1895)
  • Love Finds the Way (1898)
  • Little Italy (1899)
  • Monte Cristo (1900)
  • Tess of the D’Urbervilles (1902)
  • Divorcons (1902)
  • The Eternal City (1902)
  • Susan in Search of a Husband, A Tenement Tragedy (1906)
  • A Marriage of Reason (1907)
  • Samson (1908)
  • Everywoman (1911)
  • Where Ignorance Is Bliss (1913)
  • Secret Strings (1914)
  • Caesar’s Wife (1919)
  • The Guest of Honor (1920)
  • The Humming Bird (1923)(*De Belleville died during this play)
  • Selected filmography

  • The Daughter of the People (1915)
  • A Trade Secret (1915)
  • The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford (1915)
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