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Henry Joseph Crocker II (July 2, 1893 – May 23, 1958) was an American journalist and occasional film actor.

Life and career

Although Crocker was for most of his career a Los Angeles Examiner newsman, he also appeared as Rex in Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus in 1928. He was Chaplin’s personal assistant until he was fired during the making of Chaplin’s City Lights in 1930. Crocker later reconciled with Chaplin and maintained a friendship until the comedian left America in 1952.

Overall, Crocker appeared in 20 films between 1925 and 1952, mostly in small roles or cameo appearances. His other films besides The Circus include The Big Parade (1925), Tillie the Toiler (1927), Sally in Our Alley (1927), A Warm Corner (1930), The Great John L. (1945), A Song for Miss Julie (1945) and Limelight (1952).

His grand uncle was Charles Crocker (1822–1888) who had been a builder of the Central Pacific Railroad and his distant cousins were was the philanthropist William Henry Crocker, president of Crocker National Bank, mystic, princess and writer Aimee Crocker and Templeton Crocker past president of the California Historical Society who funded and headed expeditions with the California Academy of Sciences and other academic institutions aboard his personal yacht. Crocker married Elizabeth Jenns in late 1936. Crocker was also a close friend of Cole Porter. He died on May 23, 1958, after being in ill health for three years.


Year Title Role Notes
1925 The Gold Rush Uncredited unit publicist
1925 The Big Parade Soldier Uncredited
1926 La Bohème Bit Part Uncredited
1927 Tillie the Toiler Pennington Fish
1927 Sally in Our Alley Chester Drake
1927 Becky John Carroll Estabrook
1927 South Sea Love Bob Bernard
1928 The Circus Rex, A Tight Rope Walker Also played a disgruntled property man and a clown. He was also an assistant director and uncredited unit publicist
1928 Show People Himself Cameo appearance
1930 A Warm Corner Joseph
1931 City Lights He was Charlie Chaplin’s assistant director during the making of this film but was fired, Also an uncredited writer and unit publicist
1933 The Good Companions Unklearther
1936 Jack of All Trades Uncredited appearance
1941 H. M. Pulham, Esq. Bob Ridge
1942 Gentleman Jim Charles Crocker
1943 A Night for Crime Arthur Brisbane
1945 A Song for Miss Julie John Firbank
1945 The Great John L. Arthur Brisbane
1946 Night and Day John Firbank
1947 Monsieur Verdoux Uncredited unit publicist
1949 Dancing in the Dark Master of Ceremonies
1950 The Great Jewel Robber Commentator
1952 Limelight Publicist Director

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