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Harry De Vere (February 1, 1870, New York City – October 10, 1923, Los Angeles) was an American silent film actor. He was signed by the Thanhouser Company based in New Rochelle, New York in 1914 and starred in about 70 films until his death in 1923, aged 53. He starred with William Garwood in films such as The Lost Sermon (1914).


Year Title Role Notes
1914 In the Footprints of Mozart A Musician Short
1914 The Lost Sermon Old Nelse Short
1914 The Unmasking Judge Morrow Short
1914 Mein Lieber Katrina Catches a Convict Short
1914 The Cameo of the Yellowstone Carson – the Neighbor Short
1915 Young Romance Silas Jenkins
1915 Vengeance of the Wilds John Hayden
1915 I’m Glad My Boy Grew Up to Be a Soldier James Warrington
1916 Fruits of Desire Johann
1916 The Code of Marcia Gray Harry Gray
1916 The Ne’er Do Well Detective Williams
1916 The Man from Bitter Roots Minor Role
1916 Davy Crockett James Vaughn
1916 The Beast Ralph Henshaw
1916 The End of the Trail John Robinson
1917 His Sweetheart Godfrey Kelland
1917 A Tale of Two Cities Gaspard
1917 The Highway of Hope Philip Garst
1917 A Roadside Impresario J. Stewart Vandergrift
1918 True Blue Buck
1919 The Lamb and the Lion James Graham
1919 The Love Call Bill Slade
1919 The Last of the Duanes Buck’s uncle
1919 Wings of the Morning Sir Arthur Deane
1920 The Orphan Joe Sneed
1920 The Joyous Trouble-Makers Richard Stanton
1921 Penny of Top Hill Trail Louis Kingdon
1922 The Jilt Mr. Trenton
1922 The Altar Stairs Blundell
1923 Around the World in Eighteen Days Book Maker
1923 The Social Buccaneer Harvey Vail
1923 The Phantom Fortune Graham Alexander
1923 The Shock Olaf Wismer
1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Uncredited
1923 Ruth of the Range J. Hamilton Camp Serial, (final film role)

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