Actor John Daniels

Johnathan Daniels (born 1945), known professionally as John Daniels, is an American former actor, songwriter, producer and club owner.


Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Daniels attended Butler University.

Club ownership

Maverick’s Flat used to be an Arthur Murray dancing school. It was outfitted with fluffy sofas and glass tile table tops in a late 1960s style. In 1966 The Temptations were there for the opening and it’s said[by whom?] that their hit “Psychedelic Shack” is about the club. Football player and actor Jim Brown helped Daniels both financial backing and promotion.


Daniels and his wife, Gwen Brisco, managed a Disco Soul group called The Love Machine. Another group that he was connected with was one that he put together. This group DeBlanc featured Linda Carriere and Nidra Beard. As well as touring the United States, the group toured Japan, Europe and Canada. Eventually it broke up and with Beard and Carriere, it evolved into Starfire. Linda Carriere and Nidra Beard were later in the group Dynasty. Earlier in his career, Daniels had been a songwriter with Capitol records[citation needed].


  • Love Machine – The Love Machine – Philips – 63 70 725 – 1975 – (Executive Producer)
  • The Love Machine – Feel The Love – Victor – VIP-6405 – 1977 – (Executive Producer and Arrangement)
  • Film roles

    Daniels had the lead role in The Candy Tangerine Man where he played a pimp-by-night and family-man-by-day. He went on to in the film Black Shampoo playing the part of a hairdresser,. This was an exploitation film and Director Greydon Clark who also wrote the script had a reputation for doing exploitation films. He also had a role as Black in Bare Knuckles, an action film that starred Robert Viharo, Sherry Jackson and Gloria Hendry.



  • Getting Over …. Mike Barnett (1981)
  • Mean Dog Blues …. Yakima Jones (1978)
  • Bare Knuckles …. Black (1977)
  • Black Shampoo …. Mr. Jonathan (1976)
  • The Candy Tangerine Man …. The Baron/Ron Lewis (1975)
  • Tender Loving Care …. Jackie (1974)
  • After the Ball Was Over (1969)
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