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Tim deZarn (born July 11, 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an American actor who has appeared in film and television. Alternately credited as deZarn is often cast in supporting roles in the horror, crime, and science fiction genres.

DeZarn’s motion picture credits include Spider-Man (playing Mary Jane Watson’s father), Fight Club, Live Free or Die Hard, The Cabin in the Woods, Untraceable, and Demon Knight.

DeZarn has appeared in several American television series, including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, NYPD Blue, the various Star Trek TV franchises, Prime Suspect, Mad Men, The Forgotten, Lost, Criminal Minds, Weeds, Prison Break, Deadwood, The Shield, Cold Case, Quantum Leap, 7th Heaven, and Sons of Anarchy.


DeZarn went to Archbishop McNicholas High School, a Catholic school in Anderson Township, Ohio. He did not pursue a professional acting career until he was 25 years old.

Acting career

His first broadcast role was on the TV series The Equalizer in 1986. His first film role was in the 1989 action comedy Three Fugitives.

DeZarn made several appearances as Army Sergeant Dixon on the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He played the recurring character George Putnam in season two of NYPD Blue. He appeared in five episodes of Deadwood on HBO. DeZarn appeared in Sons of Anarchy as Nate Meineke, the leader of a local state militia and terrorist group. He appeared in sci-fi horror film Project Dorothy (directed by George Henry Horton) in 2019.

Personal life

DeZarn lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. His 18-year-old son Travis was killed in an auto accident in 2007.


Year Title Role Notes
1989 Three Fugitives First Officer
1992 Rage and Honor Eddie ‘Fast Eddie’
1992 South Central ‘Buddha’
1995 Demon Knight Homer
1996 Scene of the Crime Mackey
1999 Fight Club Inspector Bird
2002 Spider-Man Philip Watson
2006 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Slaughterhouse Owner
2007 Live Free or Die Hard Police Sergeant
2008 Untraceable Herbert Miller
2012 The Cabin in the Woods Mordecai, The Harbinger
2013 Halfway to Hell Cliff
2017 Christmas Eve Barrett Hill
2019 Project Dorothy James
2019 Acts of Desperation Maynard Best Ensemble Cast, Special Award of Distinction – Culver City Film Fest; Best Ensemble – Grove Film Festival
2021 Wrong Turn Nate Roades
Year Title Role Air date Episode title Notes
1986 The Equalizer Stoller Oct. 8, 1986 (season 2, episode 1) “Prelude”
1991 Quantum Leap Stan May 8, 1991 (season 3, episode 20) “Heart of a Champion — July 23, 1955”
1993 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Sergeant Dixon March 13, 1993 (season 1, episode 11) “The Prisoner”
1993 Star Trek: The Next Generation Satler March 29, 1993 (season 6, episode 18) “Starship Mine”
1995 Star Trek: Voyager Haliz Sept. 4, 1995 (season 2, episode 2) “Initiations”
1995 NYPD Blue George Putnam 10 January 1995 (season 2, episode 10), 17 January 1995 (season 2, episode 11), 28 February 1995 (season 2, episode 15) “In the Butt, Bob,” “Vishy-Vashy-Vinny,” “Bombs Away”
1996 Pacific Blue Willoughby May 11, 1996 (season 1, episode 11) “The Phoenix”
1997 Gun Unknown May 3, 1997 (season 1, episode 1) “Columbus Day”
1997 Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy Leonard Guini July 29, 1997 TV movie
1998 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Halb Daier April 1, 1998 (eason 6, episode 17) “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”
2001 Star Trek: Voyager Yediq Jan. 21, 2001 (season 7, episode 13) “Repentance”
2006 Prison Break Salty Vet Nov. 27, 2006 (season 2, episode 13) “The Killing Box”
2007 Monk Max Barton Sept. 7, 2007 (season 6, episode 8) “Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man”
2008 Sons of Anarchy Nate Meineke Oct. 8, 2008 (season 1, episode 6) “AK-51”
2009 Lost Trevor Apr. 15, 2009 (season 5, episode 13) “Some Like It Hoth”
2012 Justified Detective Dempsey Mar. 6, 2012 (season 3, episode 8) “Watching the Detectives”
2012 Agent Carter George Jan. 27, 2015 (season 1, episode 4) “The Blitzkrieg Button”
2020 Better Call Saul Mr. Harkness Mar. 9, 2020 (season 5, episode 4) “Namaste”

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