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Clyde Fillmore (October 25, 1874 – December 19, 1946), born Clyde Fogle, was an American actor of stage and screen. He is best remembered for a 1920 silent film that is now long lost, The Devil’s Pass Key directed by Erich von Stroheim. In the sound era he played several character parts sometimes uncredited. Began in films in 1918 at 43 after stage career.


Year Title Role Notes
1919 The Millionaire Pirate Robert Spurr
1919 The Fire Flingers Benjamin Burley
1919 When Fate Decides Donald Cavendish
1919 The Sundown Trail Velvet Eddy
1920 Nurse Marjorie John Danbury
1920 The Ladder of Lies Peter Gordon
1920 The Devil’s Pass Key Captain Rex Strong
1920 Crooked Streets Lawrence Griswold
1920 The Soul of Youth Mr. Hamilton
1920 A City Sparrow David Muir
1921 The Outside Woman Dr. Frederick Ralston
1921 Sham Tom Jaffrey
1921 The Sting of the Lash Joel Grant
1921 Moonlight Follies Tony Griswold
1922 Real Adventure Rodney Aldrich
1923 The Midnight Guest William Chatfield
1923 The Love Pirate Chief Deputy Hugh Waring
1924 Alimony Granville
1930 Hot Bridge Short, Uncredited
1930 Song Service Mr. Wellman Short
1935 Annapolis Farewell Lieutenant Commander Uncredited
1937 The Affairs of Pierre Short
1938 Air Parade Short
1938 Getting an Eyeful Buddy Short
1941 Unholy Partners Jason Grant
1941 The Shanghai Gesture The Comprador
1942 The Remarkable Andrew Mayor Ollie Lancaster
1942 Two Yanks in Trinidad Col. Powers
1942 The Mystery of Marie Roget Mons. De Luc
1942 The Talk of the Town Senator James Boyd Uncredited
1942 My Sister Eileen Ralph Craven
1942 Laugh Your Blues Away Sen. Hargrave
1942 Fall In Arnold Benedict
1942 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Hamilton Wellman
1943 Margin for Error Dr. Jennings
1943 City Without Men Senator Malloy
1943 Taxi, Mister Alderman Hogan, ex-Baseball Umpire
1943 The More the Merrier Senator Noonan
1943 Watch on the Rhine Sam Chandler
1943 Swing Fever Mr. Nagen
1943 What a Woman! Dillon Uncredited
1944 Once Upon a Time FBI Agent Uncredited
1944 The Scarlet Claw Inspector Uncredited
1944 Christmas Holiday Colonel Uncredited
1944 Wilson Senator Uncredited
1944 Gypsy Wildcat Uncreidted
1944 Laura Owner of Bullitt & Co Ad Agency Uncredited
1944 Bowery to Broadway Reformer Uncredited
1944 Three Is a Family Mr. Spencer
1944 Tahiti Nights High Priest Uncredited
1945 Keep Your Powder Dry Gen. Brett Uncredited
1945 Between Two Women Slipper Room Patron Uncredited
1945 I’ll Remember April J.C. Cartwright
1945 Guest Wife President Reed Uncredited
1945 Lady on a Train Waring Cousin Uncredited
1945 The Hidden Eye Rodney Hampton
1945 Week-End at the Waldorf Party Guest Uncredited
1945 She Went to the Races Dr. Bostwick Uncredited
1945 Hit the Hay Mayor Blackburn
1946 Colonel Effingham’s Raid Engineer Uncredited
1946 Bad Bascomb Gov. Clark Uncredited
1946 Strange Voyage Barrier, the Sportsman (final film role)

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