Actor Gil Fates

Joseph Gilbert Fates (September 29, 1914, Newark, New Jersey – May 1, 2000, New York City) was an American television producer.

Nicknamed “Gil”, Fates was the executive producer of What’s My Line? Fates produced the game show its entire quarter-century span of CBS and syndicated runs. Fates and panelist Arlene Francis (who debuted on the second week) were with the show from 1950 until it ended in 1975. Fates also hosted CBS Television Quiz, the first television game show ever to be broadcast regularly; and was credited as a creative consultant on Play Your Cards Right, the British version of Goodson-Todman’s Card Sharks. Before World War II, he was a stage actor. He also wrote a book in 1978 called What’s My Line? The History of America’s Most Famous Panel Show.

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